Zen Experience / Meditation /Sutra Copying

体験 / 坐禅・写経

You can experience Zazen(Seated Meditation), Shakyo(Sutra Copying), 1-day Zen experience and overnight Zen experiences.
*Any course requires reservation.

Tea room/Tea ceremony

お茶室 / お茶事

You can enjoy matcha in the Omotesenke tea room, which is one of the schools of tea ceremony. Some of our tea rooms are also occasionally used for prestigious tea ceremony events.

Gokando / Shinshoji Udon

五観堂 / 神勝寺うどん

You can enjoy authentic udon noodles eaten by training monks called Unsui at the Rinzai monastery.

Gankuin / Tea House

含空院 / 茶房

You can enjoy a cup of sencha, Japanese tea, with a close look at the garden in silence, while taking a rest of your visit.

Bathroom / Bathing

浴室 / ご入浴

You can take a bath in Chikuzan (stone bath) and Kaizan (cypress bath). The bathroom was built as a place for training and one of the Seven Halls of Garan architecture that is unique to Zen Buddhism.