Special Collaboration between Kamisoe and Kohei Nawa of SANDWICH

Karakami crafted paper, greeting card, and tiny pochibukuro envelopes

These paper goods, made of traditional karakami crafted paper, with embossed patterns hand printed using woodblocks, are produced through a collaboration between Kamisoe, a renowned karakami studio in Kyoto’s Nishijin district, and Kohei Nawa of SANDWICH. The motifs are inspired by KOHTEI’s features: the kokerabuki roofs with wafer-thin shingles, the waves and subtle light, and the rock garden around the pavilion.

Original KOHTEI kaishi paper

Kaishi is a traditional mini-napkin used when eating Japanese sweets at a tea ceremony. The logo design was inspired by the pavilion’s ship-like shape, the light glittering on waves in the pavilion, and the temple’s garden paths. If you look closely, you will find the word “ZEN” in white floating in this witty logo, designed by UMA/design farm.