At Shinshoji Zen Museum and Gardens (hereinafter referred to as "Shinshoji") we consider the protection of personal information to be one of the most important rights an individual has. The protection of a customer's rights is one of the foundations of Shinshoji, indeed it is a duty. The personal information protection policy of Shinshoji is set out as follows. All executives and employees of the company as well as collaborating third parties undergo thorough training with regard to the policy.

1.Appropriate collection, use, provision, and entrustment of personal information.
1)When collecting a user's personal information, it must be made clear to the user for what aim the information is being collected and the user's agreement must be received. The scope of use of the personal information must be pre-defined, and the handling of the information must be appropriate.
2)In some cases, collected personal information may be provided to third parties in line with the stipulated uses of the information and within the pre-defined scope of use. In such cases the reason for collecting the information must be made clear, the agreement of the user must be received and the handling of the information must be appropriate.
3)In some cases, collected personal information may be entrusted to third parties to ensure smooth running of the Shinshoji business. In such cases, third parties who adhere to adequate personal information protection policies must be selected and these protection standards must be drawn up in a contract to ensure appropriate handling of the information.

2.Prevention and/or redress of loss, destruction, corruption, leaking or unauthorized access of personal information.
Shinshoji carefully manages users' personal information and implements preventative measures against risks including corruption, leakage and unauthorized access. There are concrete rules for the appropriate handling of personal information and the company has appointed staff members who are responsible for their implementation.

3.Adherence to Rules and Regulations concerning Personal Information
All executives and employees of Shinshoji as well as collaborating third parties strictly adhere to all domestic and international rules and guidelines pertaining to the protection of personal information.

4.Continuous improvement of personal information protection policies and of in-house regulations
To ensure efficient implementation of personal information protection as required by society, the company is continuously improving its personal information protection policies and in-house guidelines.

Taigan Kobori, Chief Monk of Shinshoji Zen Museum and Gardens

The company may revise the above policies. All revisions will be published on this website.

Personal information collected from users via the Shinshoji website
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・Furthermore, when a user asks for disclosure of the personal information about him/herself, Shinshoji takes all measures to ensure that the user's privacy is respected in an appropriate fashion.

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